Control the use of devices

With Miradore you will have full control over the usage of mobile devices within your organisation to guarantee functionality. Create configurations and install these remotely. Gain transparency of the use of internet and mobile data via reports. Analytics is based on an extensive inventory of data that is collected by Miradore.


Set up Mail for Exchange and WiFi account with ease with configuration profiles for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Limited configuration profiles limit the use of certain applications, content, services and device features, such as the camera or the platform-specific app store. A configuration profile, such as the single app kiosk mode, can also be used to prevent end-users from leaving a certain application.

Tracking devices

Miradore supports tracking locations for both Android and iOS platforms to limit the number of lost devices and guarantee safe handling.

Usage, whitelisting and blacklisting application installations

Miradore offers a feature for application management to manage the installation and use of applications on managed devices. Depending on the platform, you can install applications from Google Play or the App Store remotely, or push application packages (APK/IPA/MSI). With application blacklisting, you can define applications that may not be used. Whitelisting applications lets end-users only install applications that have been approved ahead of time.

Easy access to powerful analyses

Miradore’s reported data and powerful analyses offer a clear overview of managed devices, so you can proactively work on better security. You can keep track of which phone models and operating systems are in use and their status, and if, for example, the security protocol is being followed. You will have access to several ready-to-use reports in the Miradore dashboard, device-specific inventories, and a report developer to create manually adjusted reports.

Increase efficiency with automation

Management with Miradore leads to online efficiency and safety. Deploying new devices is quick and efficient via automation. Save time and money by implementing company policy, the automation of installations, and the enforcing of configurations, applications, and more. The removal of manual tasks will reduce human error and help the use of devices according to the policies.

Automate device signups

Miradore supports both automatic (Apple DEP, Android zero-touch, Samsung KNOX, Azure AD) and manual device registration. An automated device registration process includes the automatic linking of a device by an authorised reseller to your business account, and the connection of the device to the system. Once you assign a signup profile, everything, from WiFi settings to email accounts and applications, are automatically configured and installed. When an employee leaves the company, their device can be emptied, assigned and configured for a new user remotely.

Automating implementations with company policy

The application and configuration profiles as chosen by you, such as the requirements for passwords and encryption, and email configurations, can be automatically installed and enforced on a group of devices. This is to ensure that the registered devices meet the company policy and the safety regulations, and to limit the administrative work. Device tagging in Miradore is a simple and efficient way to implement various rules, for example, to check the following of company protocol.

Use Miradore API and AD connector for integration

Miradore can be complemented with Miradore API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate with external information systems, and to improve the quality of real-time data in your business ecosystem. This is a web service based on REST, which is used via secure HTTPS with the GET-method to export data straight from the Miradore database in XML format. It can be used to programmatically activate actions and receive online status and inventory data. Miradore also allows importing users from Microsoft Active Directory.

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