Managed Detection & Response

Outplaying intruders without breaking a sweat

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Make short shrift of security incidents with automated threat detection

Our Managed Detection & Response solution is powered by F-Secure RDR.

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Your IT security is in safe hands

A break-in in your office is easily detected with smart security alarms and sensors. Why would that not work for your company network? Managed Detection & Response by Networking4all works as an emergency center for your IT environment, warns you when a breach is detected, isolates the hacker before they can do any damage, and tries to retrace their steps to the source of the attack as detailed as possible. And all that, without you having to break a sweat.

Networking4all’s Managed Detection & Response helps controlling the damage to your company by actively responding to suspicious events detected by smart sensors. Once set up on your work stations such as computers or mobile phones, or your servers, our security experts step in to take the lead. The smart agents are in direct and secure contact with our Security Operations Center and warn our security experts whenever an event is detected on their endpoint that does not follow expected behavioral patterns, or has been marked as a threat.

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Handled by experts

Your IT security is in the capable hands of our security experts so you can focus on your core business.

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Smart software

The smart agents of F-Secure Rapid Detection and Response keep an eye out for you and become smarter with every use.

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Perfect for SMEs

MDR is perfect for companies between 10 and 100 work spaces, an ideal match for SMEs.

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Honeypots for SME+

Companies with more than 100 work spaces unlock the use of honeypots, or decoys, to lure intruders into a trap.

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Powered by F-Secure

Managed Detection & Response is supported by F-Secure RDR. This smart platform gives our security experts the tools to act quickly and adequately in case of a risk. F-Secure RDR is based on machine learning technology, behaviour analysis and artificial intelligence, and analyses actions from a continuously optimising principle.

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Broad Context Detection

Thanks to Broad Context Detection, all events are looked at within the context of normal use on the endpoints. When an event falls outside the scope of expected behavioral patterns, the platform will issue a warning. When a risk event occurs, our experts are able to act very quickly: the targeted work space or server can be isolated from the network immediately, eliminating the chance of further infection. The RDR platform can analyse whether the risk is part of a threat on a larger scale.

Executive security for SMEs

Let your company profit off the knowledge and years of experience of our security experts, without having to hire expensive personnel yourself. Networking4all also welcomes companies with as little as ten work spaces for our managed service. Give your company the opportunity to make use of the ever more intelligent F-Secure RDR software. Thanks to machine learning technology, behaviour analysis and artificial intelligence in RDR, events and threats can be recognised as such even faster.

Security Operations Center

Our security experts will do most of their work from our own Security Operations Center. After the agents are installed on your work spaces and servers, you will hardly notice anything of our managed service. Our security experts have full insight into all the events reported by the agents on your work spaces from their own office and will keep you up to speed on important findings. Only when action is required from you that our security experts cannot perform from the SOC will they contact you and help you manage your work spaces.

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Fully scalable service designed to suit your company's specific needs


When you choose Networking4all's Managed Detection & Response, we take the care of your IT security out of your hands so you can focus on what you do best: your core business.

A perfect fit for every company

The Managed Detection & Response platform is suitable for big and small, cloud-based and on-premise, Windows and MacOS computers. The agents are also fully compatible with existing anti-virus solutions such as ESET, Sophos, Defender and Kaspersky.

Monthly or yearly subscription plans

Your subscription to Managed Detection & Response by Networking4all is available from €99,80 per month, based on 10 work spaces. But a yearly payment is also possible. Call our security experts today for a tailor-made offer.

*The price indication is based on a monthly subscription and on 10 work spaces. For more information on our prices, download our brochure or contact our experts for a tailor-made offer.

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