Lynis Enterprise

Uncomplicates hardening, auditing and compliance testing

Your server may very well be your most important asset. Therefore, it is important to keep it at peak condition. But when a problem hides itself in your systems, it could take weeks or even months before you notice it. This is not only a danger to the security of your company, it could be the reason your company loses out on certifications or fails an IT audit.

Daily dose

Lynis Enterprise is a hardening tool that was specifically designed for UNIX-based systems, such as Linux or MacOS. The easy to use dashboard gives you the option to let Lynis Enterprise perform daily check-ups. These check-ups can find configuration errors, missing packages, or erroneous or weak default settings and report these to you through clear and comprehensive reports.

Supports UNIX-based systems
Lynis Enterprise supports AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, MacOS, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, and many more systems.
Available as SaaS or self-hosted service
Install and manage your own Lynis Enterprise installation, or use the Software as a Service-client.
Auditing, hardening, compliance testing
Use Lynis Enterprise to let your systems run on full capacity.
Open Source
Lynis Enterprise was built on the open source tool Lynis. Cisofy is a big supporter of open source software.

Work comprehensively, detailed and intuitively with Lynis Enterprise

Screen Lynis Enterprise


Most certifications have strict rules regarding systems, networks and applications. The Lynis Enterprise scans can find vulnerabilities and bad configurations before they can become a problem. The compliance module for Lynis Enterprise can help you with compliancy for ISO27001/27002, GDPR, PCI DSS and many more.

Set up to your own liking

Lynis Enterprise can be used exactly how you like. Firstly, there is the choice between Lynis Enterprise as Software as a Service, with an online dashboard environment, or as an installation that you can integrate into your own system with the API. When using the SaaS version of Lynis Enterprise, you can set up the dashboard to your liking and assign roles to the users to limit permissions. Special modules also give you the option to prioritise, for example, compliance or system integrity. The Events option warns you whenever an important finding takes place. When you integrate Lynis Enterprise into your own system with the API, you can use plugins that allow you to modify your installation however you see fit.

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