LastPass Enterprise protects every access point through an all-in-one single sign-on and password manager solution.

Enterprise features

• Single sign-on
• Password management
• Central admin dashboard
• Simple, integrated access
• Group management
• Directory integrations
• 100+ customizable policies
• In-depth reporting
• Two-factor authentication
• Encrypted password sharing
• API-access

A 14-day trial is available upon request.

Centralized access

LastPass Enterprise provides control for every access point with an integrated single sign-on and password manager solution.

Single Sign-On

Access without passwords to a catalogue of 1200+ pre-integrated apps and custom integrations.

Password Management

Access to every app is simplified through automatic generation, capture, storing and filling of credentials for any login.

Simple, integrated access

From cloud to mobile and legacy to on-prem, centralize employee access with an integrated solution.

Simple deployment across all users

Increase productivity with LastPass Enterprise by automating key IT processes and simplifying employee access.

Directory Integrations

Use an integration with identity providers like Microsoft AD, Microsoft Azure, and more for easy on- and offboarding to LastPass.

Compatibility with existing tech

Utilize every existing infrastructure without extra work or costs with an extensive catalog of app, directory, and API integrations.

Helpful resources

Self-guided resources help admins achieve higher adoption and faster results - no training required!

Powerful admin controls

No matter the entry point, IT visibility into access across the business is critical for security.

Central admin dashboard

One single dashboard from which integrations, user management, policies, reporting, and more can be managed.


100+ policies give admins flexible, granular control for the right balance between security and convenience.


Detailed reporting provides actionable insights to build compliance and maintain accountability.

Reduced friction for users

With LastPass Enterprise, employees have simple access to their work with one solution that connects everything.

A vault for every user

All employees’ work tools can be found in the individual and secure vault.

Autosave & autofill

LastPass registers and saves login credentials to automatically fill them next time.

Notes & documents

Organize database logins, SSH keys, software licenses, and other important business information.

Work & personal

Business and private data: employees can use different vaults and save login credentials in separate vaults.

Improved security posture

LastPass keeps your business safe through a zero-knowledge model and extra, optional security features.

Encrypted password sharing

LastPass Enterprise makes it easy to safely share passwords, and remove access when projects are done.

Two-factor authentication

Keep LastPass Enterprise secure via two-factor authentication with LastPass MFA and other supported 2FA solutions.

Zero-knowledge security

Encryption happens exclusively at the device level, so only the user can unlock access to their data.

Password security – simplified

Let your IT department decide how your employees handle their passwords

Control over every password

LastPass ensures that bad password habits are broken via quick setups for new employees, the automatic filling of passwords, and security reports – all without hampering productivity.

Automate work surrounding your passwords

Let LastPass do the hard work. This way, employees will no longer have to create, remember and fill in passwords.

Generate strong passwords

Through a password generator you are ensuring that you will have strong, random passwords.

Share passwords easily and safely

Passwords can be shared safely between employees, without the use of unsafe options such as email or chats.

A vault for every employee

All passwords stored in one vault for quick and easy access to all login credentials.

One master password

With one master password employees can access all their login credentials quickly.

Access anywhere

With synchronization users can always access their account, whether they are logged in on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Millions of users

Millions of people preceded you and remain happy LastPass users. Your employees will be grateful

Security for business and personal data

Your employees can connect a personal LastPass vault to organize all their passwords–business and personal–in one place.

Two vaults with a secure connection

The IT department only gets control over the business vault to ensure your personal passwords remain yours alone.

Save passwords in the appropriate vault

Employees who register for a new service will find their passwords in the appropriate vault. The personal vault can be unlinked and brought along in case the employee leaves your organization. This ensures that the business passwords remain with your organization.

Price: € 65,-

Per user per year

Prices are tailor-made for more than 50 users.
Minimum purchase is 10 licenses.

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