What is a Honeypot?

A Honeypot can be best described as bait to catch hackers. In a Honeypot, emulated network protocols, vulnerabilities, and fake data are purposefully made tempting and accessible. The goal is to mislead the hacker and guide them towards emulated misinformation.

Anyone who is caught entering the Honeypot without authorisation is considered an intruder. If this happens, the relevant contacts are informed and the traffic is investigated to search for a compromised client or connection.

A Honeypot pretends to be a normal device, such as a computer or server, but is just a bit more interesting to hack. When a hacker interacts with the Honeypot, we keep them busy and interested in our ‘fake device’.

While we keep the hacker busy, we will notify you of the attack. We collect as much information as possible, so you can start fixing the leak, running updates, and closing ports in your network. We collect data about the hacker, attack, and source, and draw this up in a report for your insurance and other legal steps.

Besides the fact that we know that someone is trying something, the Honeypot also takes up a lot of the hackers’ time and keeps them occupied. This limits the damage and allows for the collection of data about the hacker. In turn, this allows for the improvement of safety measures.

On the right is a visual representation of what happens when a hacker scans the network and hits the honeypot. The exclamation mark indicates that an alarm is sounding in the honeypot.

Do it yourself or Networking4all Monitoring?

It is possible to manage the Honeypot yourself. We are available for questions. For extended questions, you can use our continuous support.

Would you rather have our security specialist set up this service, manage it, inform you, and advise you? Have a look at our monitoring packages Total Security Monitoring.

Licence costs

Can be cancelled monthly, price per month per Honeypot is € 35,-
Optional: Help with installation remote € 49,-
Optional: Help with installation on location € 99,-

Request a Honeypot

Have our consultants inform you via +31 (0)20 7881030 / sales@networking4all.com

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