Protection Service for Business

In a digital world, humans are sadly still a weak link in the chain. Your endpoints, such as your computers, mobile phones, servers, and the accompanying passwords are a highly valued target for cyber criminals.

With Protection Service for Business by F-Secure, you can protect the endpoints of your organisation, no matter their location.

Quick and easy

Protection Service for Business is a cloud-based service that does not require any installations on your servers. All data that is found by the analytical tools, such as conspicuous activities or threats, is gathered for you in an easy-to-use dashboard. Every finding comes with clear information on the vulnerability and the endpoint, and how you can solve it. Setting up and using Protection Service for Business is a fast and simple process, but you can also choose to let the Networking4all security consultants handle the configuration, installation and maintenance for you.

Extensive proactive security
Protect endpoints from attacks, optimise server performance, and proactively protect them with several security technologies.
Regular updates
Regular security updates for over 2500 applications. Known vulnerabilities are eliminated by patch management.
Centralised management
Manage and maintain all your endpoints, passwords, and patch management from one central management console.
Available everywhere in the cloud
No installations required on your servers, all security technologies are available from the cloud.

Know the ins and outs of your endpoints and protect them with ease

Screen F Secure

Patch management and asset inventory

Protection Service for Business goes beyond anti-malware and anti-virus software: it offers a clear and useful asset inventory, performs update checks on your endpoints and makes a software inventory. The Web Traffic Protection module allows you to block active content on websites, such as Java and Flash content, with the option to flag websites as trusted or untrusted.

Machine learning

F-Secure goes beyond simple vulnerability checks thanks to DeepGuard 6. DeepGuard uses artificial intelligence and smart algorithms to deflect attacks, instead of trusting on malware signatures. Deepguard analyses the techniques, methods and behaviours of malware as it's working, making the software smarter with every use.


There is additional risk involved when you and your employees want 24/7 availability, most notably for your mobile devices. Therefore, a VPN is used to encrypt data traffic. The optional Mobile Device Management module (MDM) allows for easy integration of similar solutions by other suppliers.

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