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Your endpoints under lock and key

Sadly, despite all your well-intentioned security measures, you will still remain a target for vulnerabilities that can enter your network through your endpoints: your servers, computers, mobile phones, and tablets connecting to your company network.

Maintaining full control over these endpoints is a task that will surely cut massively into your daily business. So let our security consultants handle your endpoint protection.

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Proactive security

We use several security technologies to protect your endpoints from attacks.

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Regular updates

Over 2500 applications will receive automatic security updates, such as Apache, Microsoft SQL, Flash and Java.

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Deepguard 6

Machine learning works in your advantage: Deepguard 6 learns to recognise new threats while it works.

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F-Secure under the hood

Our Managed Endpoint Protection Service runs on Protection Service for Business by F-Secure. This is a cloud-based comprehensive solution that works through smart agents installed on your endpoints. When you use our managed service, our security consultants will guide you through the installation, configuration and management of the service on all your desired endpoints.

Threat reports

For every conspicuous activity or threat, a report will be created with clear information on the vulnerability and the endpoint, with an accompanying solution if the vulnerability cannot be fixed by our security consultants. This service also includes a check of software on endpoints to ensure that no outdated versions are still in use, and that any available updates are installed.

You are in control

Prior to the first deployment, our security consultants will discuss the scope of the service with you. You are in control of which endpoints will or will not be taken up in the project. You will also receive regular reports on the health status of your endpoints, will be kept up to date on any processes that will be performed prior to their deployment, and are guaranteed regular meetings with our security consultants. When you need assistance with your security, our team will be ready to help.

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The advantages of well-applied end point security.

Patch management and asset inventory

Protection Service for Business goes beyond anti-malware and anti-virus software: it offers a clear and useful asset inventory, performs update checks on your endpoints and makes a software inventory. The Web Traffic Protection module allows you to block active content on websites, such as Java and Flash content, with the option to flag websites as trusted or untrusted.

DeepGuard and Machine Learning

F-Secure goes beyond simple vulnerability checks thanks to DeepGuard 6. DeepGuard uses artificial intelligence and smart algorithms to deflect attacks, instead of trusting on malware signatures. Deepguard analyses the techniques, methods and behaviours of malware as it's working, making the software smarter with every use.

Completely unburdened

When you choose our Managed Endpoint Protection Service, we take over the complete care of your endpoint protection. Our security team will monitor all your endpoint agents and performs all the tasks that you give permission for. This does not only include performing patches or processing vulnerability reports. Our team will also change settings or configurations in modules so they will work precisely according to your specs.

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