Check Point SandBlast Agent Mobile

Smartphones and tablets give us access to critical business information we need to work faster and more accurately. Providing employees with access to that information on mobile devices has many benefits, but also brings risks and exposes businesses to losing sensitive data. Check Point Sandblast Mobile prevents mobile threats before they take root. SandBlast Mobile protects against vulnerabilities and attacks that put data at risk.

Check Point SandBlast Mobile offers extensive, enterprise-grade mobile security that protects iOS and Android devices, apps, and the networks they are dependent on from advanced mobile threats.

SandBlast Mobile

SandBlast Mobile offers a wide range of network security options, including:

Anti-Phishing with Zero-Phishing

Blocks phishing attacks in all apps, from both known and unknown zero-day phishing sites, and sites that use SSL.

Conditional access

Blocks infected devices from accessing business applications and data, independently from UEM solutions.

URL - filtering

Makes it possible to add websites to a black and white list, which makes access to websites that are deemed unsafe by the company policy impossible.

Protection of the operating system and device-based risks

SandBlast Mobile uses real-time risk evaluations of the device to reduce the attack surface. This is done through the detection of attacks, vulnerabilities, changes in configurations, advanced rooting, and jailbreaking. A closer eye on these threats allows managers to better configure the security policy for devices that are at risk.

Safe Browsing

Blocks access to malicious sites from every browser by using the dynamic security information that is supplied by Check Point ThreatCloud™.

Wi - Fi Network Security

Detects malicious network behaviour and man-in-the-middle attacks. Additionally, connections with malicious networks will be cut off.

Anti - Bot

Detects bot-infected devices and automatically blocks communication to command and control servers.

Protection against network attacks

The unique network security infrastructure of SandBlast Mobile — On-device Network Protection (ONP) — allows businesses to be one step ahead of threats. The SandBlast Mobile app continuously validates the traffic on the device without routing data via a cloud or on-premise gateway. The privacy and data of the user is protected.

Protection against malicious apps

Check Pointś unique Behavioural Risk Engine (BRE) runs applications in a cloud-based environment to scan for threats. The BRE uses machine learning and AI, sandboxing, advanced statistical code flow analysis, anomaly detection, and app reputation to determine whether an app is malicious. Additionally, when a device is offline, there are on-device mechanisms to offer the same protection. Every time a user fownloads an application, they were receive a detailed analysis of the app, and their access rights. SandBlast Mobile also blocks the downloading of apps from unknown sources or third party app stores.

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