Flexible security awareness elearning platform

2LRN4 is a flexible, easy-to-use learning management platform (LMS), meant to help organisations improve their privacy and security awareness. The platform is designed to allow an organisation to configure and manage everything by itself, but this is not required. The platform is delivered with courses included and is preconfigured, which makes adjustments minimal.


Changing everything to your organisation’s desires? Decide yourself how the platform works and looks.


Gamification techniques are applied, such as leaderboards, badges, rewards and certificates in order to motivate.


The 2LRN4 platform offers continuous awareness courses about privacy and safety, about various themes.

Categories, Courses, and Activities

The two basic categories are privacy and safety. As an organisation, you have the ability to create different categories. The courses lie within the categories. In the category ‘security’, for example, you will be able to find the courses “Protection of accounts with passwords”, “Recognising phishing attacks”, etc. Within the courses, various exercises can be done, such as eLearning modules, tests, questionnaires, YouTube videos, PDFs, blog posts, and webinars.


2LRN4 offers privacy and security awareness eLearning courses on this platform. You will receive 12 new online courses per year — one per month. The courses cover different themes every time.

A course consists of at least two introduction videos, which introduce the theme from a business and private situation, an eLearning that explains three topics within the theme, and a test, which are called challenges. The courses can be extended with your own material, webinars, questionnaires, documents, and videos.


In order to motivate employees, the platform has the possibility to award points, badges, rewards, and certificates. If and when a user receives these depends on the organisation. As an organisation, you decide which parameter or trigger awards something. For example, a badge can be awarded when someone does their first exercise and when they do their tenth. A reward can be given when, for example, someone reaches a certain amount of points.

These points make up the base of the leaderboard. Because this is just for the motivation of the user, you can opt for showing only a user’s own name in their dashboard. Finally, it is also possible to award certificates. Here, too, the organisation decides when and how.


2LRN4 believes that behavioural changes only occur when one continually learns. Relevance and topicality are important for the lasting motivation of the users. The heart of the learning environment is the content. A course always begins with a video about a known business or private situation, after which the theory is explained in an eLearning module. This always concludes with a summary, including tips. The eLearning will, of course, be tested in a challenge.

You can also add eLearning (scorm) modules, tests, questionnaires, YouTube videos, PDFs, blog posts or webinars. All course modules are available in multiple languages and subtitled, so that your employees with a visual or hearing impairment, as well as employees in office gardens and such can also do the eLearning modules. Course topics that are offered include:

• Recognise Social engineering
• Recognise Phishing attacks
• Working flexibly, working from home
• Physical security measures
• Management security risks
• What is CEO fraud?
• Safe use of mobile devices
• Recognising and avoiding ransomware
• Threats from within your organisation
• Protecting your children online
• Is this message real or fake?

Always current and topical

Every quarter, new courses are developed and updated. Because of this, the material always deals with current affairs and you will always have new courses. Sometimes a new topic, sometimes a deeper dive into an earlier topic.

Lead time

Maximum of 15 minutes of lead time. A course consists of 2 introduction videos of max. 1.5 minute long, an eLearning of max. 7 minutes, and a challenge of 10 questions. You can also add your own content such as webinars and a questionnaire.


During the challenges, employees are tested for their knowledge. The theory and test are separated to make new information stick better. After all, doing a test within the hour of learning the theory is not quite a challenge.

PDF and Blog content

Would it not be great if employees can learn something about a privacy or security topic and can immediately read about the company policy regarding that topic? And why not immediately register for compliance that they have acquired that knowledge? It is possible to add your own documents and blog posts to a course. Besides your policies, you could also, for example, add blog posts where you explain how you handle things in your organisation.

Video content

When you come across good examples about privacy or security on YouTube or Vimeo, it is possible to share this on the 2LRN4 platform. Of course, you can also share your own video content. This way, you enrich your privacy and security courses even more. This also allows for the organisation to hold live webinars via YouTube. This is ideal for when you invite an external speaker. It is a great way to make the content even more relevant to your employees.

Webinar content

Holding internal webinars is fairly popular: the CISO explaining briefly which measures were taken, or the DPO explaining the GDPR implementation one more time. This exercise was added especially because this is often very relevant information. Employees will receive an invite automatically, and when they are unable to watch live, they can watch the recorded version.

Exercises and tests

You will be able to adjust all challenges and enrich them with your own questions, answers, and explanations. However, you can also add an entirely new challenge, for example about the content you added yourself. On top of that, it is possible to make a questionnaire for every safety or privacy course, which will shed light on your business culture, employees’ behaviour, or simply what they think of your security awareness program.

Licenses 1 - 99 100 - 499 500 - 999 1.000 - 4.999 5.000 - 9.999 10.000 - 50.000
1 Year € 36,- € 25,- € 20,- € 15,- € 9,- € 6,-
2 Year € 65,- € 45,- € 36,- € 27,- € 16,- € 11,-
3 Year € 87,- € 60,- € 48,- € 36,- € 22,- € 14,-
4 Year € 100,- € 70,- € 56,- € 42,- € 25,- € 17,-
5 Year € 108,- € 75,- € 60,- € 45,- € 27,- € 18,-

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