What is Awareness E-Learning?

E-Learning is a journey during which the employees of an organisation undergo digital training in order to raise their awareness for cybersecurity. This is done by, for example, practical examples, interactive games, or watching videos by experts and victims. These training courses are often divided across multiple themes and can be done throughout the year. This way, your employees are not overloaded with information and will be easier to remember.

All of this is done on the employees’ devices to allow them to divide their own time and don’t have to rely on specific times.

Why is Awareness E-Learning important?

In an organisation’s security, humans are the weakest link. Therefore, malicious parties that are trying to break in digitally will usually target the employees first. This is most often done through phishing or social engineering, whereby the attacking impersonates someone else to manipulate your employees.

According to the statistics from research done by keepnetlabs, 30 percent of phishing messages in 2020 were opened by users, 12 percent of which clicked the malicious URLs inside. This can lead to dire consequences for your organisations and can be easily prevented by improving your employees’ awareness.

Awareness E-learning

Secure Awareness Platform

Learning Experience

Supplier's country of origin NL (EU) USA NL (EU)
Number of modules per year 40 training modules, games and knowledge tests (different every year) 900+ different modules. Many different suppliers offer their content via KnowBe4. Dutch supply is in the minority on the platform. 12 eLearnings, 24 videos (different every year)
Languages Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Czech. 48 languages available. Dutch, English, German (language implementable upon request).
Baseline test included Yes - with Premium Yes Yes
Work and home situations Yes Yes Yes
Default Phishing template included (not custom made) Yes - with Premium Yes Yes
Real actors No Yes Yes
Plug & Play Yes No Yes
Animation videos Yes Yes No
Adjustable program Yes Yes Yes
Custom campaigns Yes Yes Yes
Planning reports Yes No Yes
Adding your own videos, documents, etc. No Yes Yes
Adjusting templates (email, tests) No Yes Yes
Large content database (besides E-Learning program) No Yes No
Price (from) per month per user with 50 users for 1 year € 2,88 Essentials
€ 5,00 Premium
€ 3,00 € 3,00

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