Continuous Support

Would you like continuous access to specialised support on our security services? This is possible with Networking4all Continuous Support. It is a limited use pass which gives you continuous, specialised support when you need it. Our hourly rate is €140 excl. VAT. We offer 3 different hour-packages:

Hours Discount* Price
5 hours 10% € 630,-
10 hours 20% € 1.120,-
20 hours 30% € 1.960,-

*Discount based on the hourly rate

Incident Response

Via the limited use pass (continuous support), you will also pay for incident response hours at a cheaper rate. The hourly rate is dependent on the moment at which we receive a critical warning.
Please note: The higher hourly rates are only valid when you choose 24/7 incident response. It is also possible purchase incident response for office hours only.

08:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 00:00 00:00 - 08:00
Monday to Friday 100% hours 125% hours 150% hours
Saturday 150% hours 150% hours 150% hours
Sunday 200% hours 200% hours 200% hours


• Priority on support
• Flexible use of hours
• Up to 30% discount on the basic hourly rate
• Call-out charges included
• Monthly overview of the hours
• Saving on administration costs, no invoice for every action

The limited use pass is invoiced in advance. After usage of all the hours, our standard hourly rate is applied, unless a request for a new pass has been made. The limited use pass is valid for one year.

The limited use pass can be used for various services:

• Networking4all API installation (SSL)
• Incident response: Tackling and managing the aftermath of a security breach. The goal is to respond rapidly and effectively to a situation to limit the damage, recovery time and the recovery costs.
• Extensive consultancy, via telephone and on location. From questions about the installation of licences to in-depth analysis of reporting data. You can use our expertise for the following services:

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