F-secure Cloud Protection for Microsoft Office 365

94% of all malware arrives by email. One wrong click may lead to dire consequences. We’ve seen a rise in the number of phishing attacks that target cloud-based email services such as Microsoft Office 365. The increase is a result of more businesses moving to more cost-efficient cloud solutions. Email is and remains cybercriminals’ preference for infecting and hacking IT environments.

More than just email security

All Office 365 content is inspected for malicious content, from email traffic to calendar items, invites and tasks.

Deployable in the cloud in minutes

Thanks to the integration between clouds, no middleware is required. You can start using and managing the solution simply and quickly.

Integrated security

The solution combines endpoint protection with EDR possibilities by F-Secure and therefore offers extensive security.

Integral protection

Thorough inspections for malicious content of all URLs and Office 365 items (email, tasks, meetings, etc.). Extra protection thanks to multiple security layers.

Detection of advanced threats

Suspicious files are run in a portioned off sandbox environment in the cloud. This way, they can be safely checked for malicious behaviour.
Advanced security analyses offer complete insight into the contents of Office 365 items.

Easy management

EEasy management in agreement with the IT security policy of your organisation.
Ready to use within minutes thanks to integration between cloud solutions.

The solution was designed to run alongside email protection by Microsoft Office 365. This ensures you extensive protection against extremely sly phishing tricks, malicious content and targeted attacks. F-Secure Cloud Protection for Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based security service that was designed to reduce risks when using business email.

The solution protects email messages in Microsoft Office 365 from:

• Internal threats
• Phishing attacks
• Malicious content and URLs via inspection of incoming and outgoing email traffic

Besides email messages, other Exchange items are inspected, such as tasks, meetings, contacts, and notes. This is not done by Microsoft.

FILES AND URLS O365 EXCHANGE CPO365 DETECTION INCIDENT RESPONSE UITVOERING IN EEN SANDBOX MULTI-ENGINE ATNI-MALWARE THREAT INTELLIGENCE-CONTROLE ANALYSIS F-Secure Content goes through various analysis stadia based on the risk profile. Malicious files and urls are exchanged in vari- ous forms via O365 Ex- change. This includes emails, invites, and notes, among others. Cloud Protection for O365 monitors all ex- change activity without disrupting email traffic. Cloud Protection for O365 subjects suspi- cious activity/content to a patented analysis and detection process that is supported by F-Se- cure Security Cloud. Unsafe content is auto- matically deleted or quarantined to prevent further use. Users will be informed about the next steps. Thanks to extensive reports, security analy- ses, and complete audit trials, managers can react to incidents quick- ly and effectively.

Securit of end users

F-Secure Security Cloud is a cloud service that is offered by Networking4All for detecting and analysing cyber threats. The solution uses real-time threat information that is collected 24/7 via tens of millions of security sensors around the globe. F-Secure is the pillar within the F-Secure products.

Management Portal

The management portal by F-Secure Cloud Protection for Microsoft Office 365 offers a user-friendly dashboard that offers quick access to actual notifications about malicious content that has been found in the managed environments.

Additionally, you will also have insight into the five mailboxes with the largest amount of security warnings, real-time data about the scanned Exchange items, and an overview of the measures that should be taken to offer protection against malicious content.

The dashboard shows the number of protected mailboxes within an environment and mailboxes that aren’t protected yet. That’s how you will always know if something is missing in your security.

Duration / licences

1 - 24

25 - 99

100 - 499

500 - 999

1 year €23,04 €19,58 €17,28 €16,13
2 years €41,47 €35,25 €31,10 €29,03
3 years €59,90 €50,92 €44,93 €41,93

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