Check Point Cloud Email & Productivity Suite Security

Email is the first link in a chain of attacks, and with the rise of remote work, the use of cloud mailboxes and productivity applications increases exponentially. With Cloud Email & Productivity Suite Security, you will have a cloud-based solution that offers extensive email security and protection with native Office 365 and G Suite integration.

Protection for Office 365 en G Suite

One licence for the security for every email solution (cloud, on location, or hybrid) with a native Office 365 and G Suite integration via API.

• Anti-phishing: Block advanced social engineering attacks, such as zero-day phishing, impersonation, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) with AI-trained engines.
• Protection against malware: prevent malware that avoids and make sure you have clean files within seconds. Stop harmful attachments before they reach the users’ mailboxes, without affecting the company’s productivity.
• Protect sensitive business information and meet de regulations with advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
• Block suspicious logins and prevent account takeovers.
• Guard your environments from one simple dashboard with useful insights and reports.

The central dashboard

This is the first thing you’ll see when you enter the platform. The total number of threats by viruses, phishing, anomalies, DLP, etc. Youĺl see a map of incidents, the total numbers of users, and services.

Block advanced phishing attacks

Built-in security is not enough to stop advanced phishing attacks such as BED, where meticulous engineering techniques are used, designed to mislead and manipulate end-users. Cloud Email & Productivity Suite Security is deployed as the final line of defence and secures incoming, outgoing, and internal emails against phishing attacks that circumvent the default security measures. The solution inspects the metadata of the communication, attachments, links and language, as well as all historic communication to determine pre-existing relations between sender and receiver. This increases the chance of identifying user imitation or fraudulent messages. The internal communication is also inspected in real-time to prevent sideward attacks.

Block malicious attachments

Cloud Email & Productivity Suite Security uses Check Point’s SandBlast technology, recognised by NSS Labs as “most effect break-in prevention”.

Threat emulation:

OA bypass-resistant sandbox at CPU level that blocks malware that is spotted for the first time and offers protection against the most advanced cyber threats.

Proactive Threat Extraction

Cleans files and eliminates potential threats to deliver files to users in less than two seconds.

Prevent data leaks

Cloud Email & Productivity Suite Security detects the sharing of sensitive data via email and other productivity applications and immediately limits exposure. It allows you to enforce a policy based on your needs, with hundreds of predefined custom types. When an employee shares data via their email or other applications in the productivity suite, Cloud Email & Productivity Suite Security investigates the subject, main text, and attachments, and in case of sharing sensitive data such as credit card information or competitor data, communication is blocked or “unshared” to prevent data leaks.

Price Price per licence per year.
1 year €48,-
2 years €96,-
3 years €144,-
4 years €192,-
5 years €240,-

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