Awareness Training

Brushing up has never been more important

Recognise your weak points, anticipate security problems, and make your systems more adequate and secure.

Your employees are a daily influence on the security of your company, without realising how they could very well be the weakest link in that chain. Train your team how to handle vulnerabilities within your applications, systems and networks, with specialised security courses and awareness training.

Tailor-made for you and your employees

Together with our security consultants, you create your own training program in which you decide on the duration, the number of participants, the topics discussed, and how, or if, your employees will be quizzed on their knowledge of the topic. For example, you can choose to create a program of 6 months, discussing topics such as passwords, workplace security, internet fraud, privacy, or the GDPR. Besides that, we also offer refresher courses and separate knowledge tests.

Easy to combine

The training programs are easily combined with more in-depth training, such as a phishing test or a mystery shopper. These tests can either be taken as a single test, or deployed periodically to keep your employees sharp. Or culminate your test in a red teaming attack and let your employees put their newly acquired knowledge to the test in a lifelike experience.

Interactive training when it suits you

Make efficient use of your time and start training sessions when it best suits you.

Progress and certificates

Receive a certificate for each completed subject and gain insight in the progress of your employees.

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Improve workflow and company policy

Learn how to transform work processes into a streamlined process that follows your security policy.

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Strengthen your weak points

Your employees will learn how to identify vulnerabilities and how, and where, they can apply solutions.

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Lifelike simulations

Let our security consultants test your employees with phishing emails, mystery shoppers, or red teaming attacks.

Request a demo training session today and experience firsthand how easy our trainings combine with your existing programs.

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