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Cyber attacks can cause significant damage to your company and your data. Therefore, it's important to build up a solid defence against online criminals. Networking4all's security services allow you to take a good look at your digital security and learn exactly how, and where, your assets are most vulnerable.

Scan your systems, networks and applications for weak points, and learn if and how these can be abused. Or take your security to the next level, and perform a lifelike simulation which allows you to experience what a hacker would do to break in to your network or application.

Vulnerability scan

  • Your systems and networks are scanned for security issues and vulnerabilities such as the OWASP Top Ten.
  • Global overview of security issues
  • One-time or periodic scan
  • Quick insight in your security


Penetration test

  • Your vulnerability scan results are checked extensively to find and prevent possible abuse of vulnerabilities.
  • Available both remote and on location
  • Track down human error
  • Insight in security issues


Red teaming

  • During a simulation, digital and physical security measures of your company are tested for leaks and vulnerabilities.
  • Complete overview of your security
  • Intensive security analysis
  • Performed on location


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