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Cyber attacks can cause a lot of damage to your organisation and your data. Security services can help you in improving the security level of your company and your data by making your data secure and out of the hands of unlawful users. Networking4all now offers both security products and security services to help you protect your system.

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Security assessments

The security assessment tests your infrastructure and systems. You decide how intense these tests will be. Would you like a quick check-up, or rather an extensive pen test? Together with our security consultants, you will create a custom plan that suits your specific needs.

Networking4all offers you the guarantee of a realistic test, in which our security consultants use techniques that are also used by hackers. After the test is completed, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the weak points in your security, and the measures required to improve them.

What do we do during a security assessment?

There are various types of security assessment, which can also be combined. The following parts of your systems and network can be tested: Internal infrastructure, external infrastructure, web applications, security awareness.

The security quickscan is a scan that offers you immediate insight in your security. This is a global scan.
The security assessment is an extensive test which creates a comprehensive overview of security and vulnerability findings in your systems and networks.
The security assessment with pen test combines a full vulnerability test with a penetration test, in which our security consultants will try to breach your systems and gain access to your data.
The security awareness test, which focuses on the security knowledge of your employees.

A security assessment follows these steps:

  • Create the scope

    Which parts of the network will be tested? What are the terms and conditions that apply?
  • Make an appointment

    Are the tests performed on a predetermined date, or will they be unannounced?
  • Acquire information

    Depending on the scope, information will be gathered. This could be freely available information, or information shared either wittingly or unknowingly by your employees.
  • Perform the tests

    The tests that fall into the scope of the assessment are performed, such as the penetration test.
  • Create report

    All the findings are gathered and explained in a secure PDF.
  • Discuss findings

    The client will be informed of the findings and our security consultants will offer advice.

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