Reseller types

A reseller of Networking4all can either be an individual or a company, who will basically resell our products to clients or other third party customers, instead of using the products for himself. 

Reseller types may vary from:

  • a reseller who acts merely as a retailer
  • a reseller who wants to serve his own clients 
  • a reseller who is an IT manager and/or purchasing agent for a large company
  • a reseller who acts as a consultant or advisor for third parties

The most important qualification of a reseller is his ability to create 'contact-handles' so he can order products in the name of others. For instance if you want to order a domain name for a client, you most likely want to register your client as the domain holder. To do that, you have to be registered as a reseller in our system. Only resellers can order products for third parties. 

As a reseller you full have control over your products, your clients and the corresponding invoices. Following standard procedures, all invoices are send to the reseller, and the reseller charges his clients for (whatever) the amount. However if you don't want any financial troubles we can send the invoices directly to your clients. You are still in control over all the products, you just leave all financial procedures to us. You can set and switch the invoice settings any time you like for each client separately.  

As a reseller you manage (like an account manager) each aspect of your clients and their products. You manage the domain transfers for your clients, you create their e-mail accounts or replaces their SSL certificates. For all these tasks you get excellent support through our extensive online helpdesk and our support department. We have an automated report system which tracks and shows each request, comment, question or complaint you might have, including our responses.

By using different filter settings in the  Control Panel you can create all kinds of reports, per product, per client, per order or per invoice. A clear online overview of all your account details, reachable 24/7. To gain even more control over your reseller business, we have an API available to implement in your own website. Interact with our systems through the API, while maintaining your branding and unique look and feel.