Partnerships that benefit everyone

Educating and informing

Networking4all is helping to create a safer internet. On our blog, through our social media, and with the help of our knowledgeable employees, we try to convey our knowledge of and skill in online security. But Networking4all wants to branch out further than our immediate circles. We also want to work toward education on a broader scale.

Open for collaboration?

We always welcome collaborations with other organisations who want to work together towards a safer internet. Does your organisation line up with Networking4all's targets and ideas about IT security, online security, and awareness? Contact us to discuss the possibilities by phone on +31 (0)20 788 10 30 or send an email to

Our collaborations

Privacy Zeker

Privacy Zeker is a legal tech organisation based in Amsterdam who aim to help Dutch SMB's with legal knowledge and tools, easing their way towards GDPR compliance.

Privacy Zeker Start

Networking4all has teamed up with Privacy Zeker to offer her customers free access to the Privacy Zeker Start kit, valued at €30,00. This free starter kit gives you access to the e-learning module 'Privacy op je Werkplek', entry in the Data Breach register, support during a data breach, a free privacy check, and free regular privacy updates from Privacy Zeker. The e-learning module is only available in Dutch.

Privacy Zeker subscription

A Privacy Zeker subscription comes with tailor-made insight into the steps your company or organisation needs to take in order to be fully compliant to the GDPR. This subscription service goes far beyond a simple online checklist: Privacy Zeker analyses your situation, your corporate profile, your organisation, and which steps you have already taken. The easy to use dashboard houses insightful documents for your organisation, and offers the opportunity to call in an expert for help.

The benefits of a subscription

Networking4all offers a 10% discount off the first year of your Privacy Zeker subscription. More information can be found on the special Networking4all-page on the Privacy Zeker website.

Cyberveilig Nederland

Networking4all is a member of Cyberveilig Nederland, the trade association for the cybersecurity branch in the Netherlands. Cyberveilig Nederland aims for a code of conduct and quality labels for the IT security world, and wants to achieve this through actively involving itself in the public debate, organising talks with the government and other strategic partners, and by creating insight in the branch's own problems and solutions.

As a member of Cyberveilig Nederland, Networking4all can join the national discussion about online security as a branch, but also as a broader subject.