E-mail accounts 1000
Filter incoming and outgoing
Malware DetectionYes

€ 2,50

Hosting packages

Our hosting packages come in many sizes, for small blogs or big websites. Check out all options here.

Disk space 2 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB
Storage type SAS + CachedSSD

€ 3,-

Managed VPS I

Complete control over your hosting with our high availability VPS packages on the backbone of EMC.

Disk space 25 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB
RAM 1024 MB

€ 46,95


Standard SSL on our hosting and managed VPS packages.



Where is your data stored? Not just the location, but also the manner in which your data is being stored is very important. Networking4all has taken the utmost care to choose a solution purely based on quality, free of commercial or policy-driven limitations. We require nothing but excellence of our hardware and have chosen for the best in available technology, as well as intentional redundancy. For this reason, we are the only party in the hosting industry to always use our double EMC2-solution for all our platforms.

  • emc2
  • anti spam
  • cisco
  • dell
  • kemp

H I G H  A V A I L A B I L I T Y

Redundancy is what keeps your website available, or not. Hardware can break, software can fail, but only with a network with dual implementation of every component can we speak of high availability. Apart from that, it requires a large team of knowledgeable and technically capable employees available 24 hours a day to work proactively and to take immediate action in the case of a service disruption.

Stable network

The availability of your services is completely dependent on our internet connections. That’s why we have several connections with different ISPs, to ensure a fully functioning system even if one of those connections fails. Because we have direct supervision of our connections, we can take immediate action in the case of a service disruption.



We have made very conscious decisions regarding our hypervisor software and the way we employ our virtual software. Virtualisation offers many possibilities without tying you down to a single hardware server. The scalability and stability make virtualisation the obvious better choice when compared to traditional hosting.

More information

Our datacenter

Over the past 15 years, we have gained a lot of experience with datacenters, both domestic and foreign. In 2005 we chose for the services of a datacenter that fulfils our high demands. GlobalSwitch is still the best choice with their 0% downtime and by offering hook-ups to many third parties, our connections to our servers are lightning fast.



Installatron & Direct Admin
With over 140 applications ready
that you can easily install.

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