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Data theft is still very simple

Networking4all's Security experts discovered over 3000 unprotected FTP servers during research, over 75% of which was open to the public without any form of authentication. On the FTP servers, they found a wide variety of documents, such as personal photos, passport photos, message files, back-ups of mobile phones, and documents containing passwords and banking information. This whitepaper discusses the findings, as well as measurements you can take to protect your own FTP server.

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On 25 may, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation was activated. This European privacy law contains stricter rules for storing and processing personal data, such as a requirement to give explicit permission for the collection of this information, stricter privacy warnings, and rules about viewing, changing or deleting personal data from databases. In this whitepaper, we summarised the GDPR for you and created a checklist of all the points your company will have to fulfill to meet the requirements of the GDPR and avoid the possibility of a hefty fine.

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