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Networking4all is a professional and service-oriented supplier of SSL certificates, security scans and security solutions for the business world. We provide products and services to clients of every size from the retail sector, corporate services, ICT, industrial sector, health care, education and government. As a preferred partner to suppliers such as DigiCert and GlobalSign, we strive to improve internet safety and your cyber security.

After our inception in 2000, we began selling SSL certificates. Later, we expanded into the hosting and domain name markets, allowing us to offer our customers a package deal: a secure website on an attractive domain name, hosted on a secure and stable platform. In 2016, we decided to sell our hosting and domain name branches and to focus ourselves on a branche that truly had our hearts: online security and security solutions.

Our dedicated and hard-working team of security specialists is available every day to help you find the best security for your online environment.

Now that services and products are increasingly dependent on the internet, we have grown to realise that many of these services and products lack a much-needed adequate level of security. For example, think of the smart thermostat in your living room, or being able to scan your phone to make a transaction at a register. All the while, hackers are getting more knowledgeable and software that can abuse these unprotected services or websites is getting easier to acquire and is even sold as a service. This is why we see it as our mission to share our knowledge on these topics, and put our knowledge into action to create a safer online world.

“The need for security and safety is a fundamental one. An insecure internet directly threatens this fundamental need. With the dependency on the internet ever increasing, these needs define our quality of life. That's why I find it so important to create a safer internet for everyone.”
-- Frank Leest, CEO Networking4all

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A personal touch makes all the difference. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready for advice or support.

Frank Leest
Chief Executive Officer
William Wolswijk
Chief Financial Officer
Erdem Coban
Chief Commercial Officer
Lucas Degen
Online marketeer
Fiona Langerak
Ashwanti Mohan
Communications specialist
Maarten Lelie
Marketing Support
Jolanda Alferink-Stevens
Administrative assistant
Security specialists
Dennis Veninga
Ethical hacker
Vincent Post
Security specialist
Reza Razai
Security specialist
Patrick Maes
Security specialist
Bert Alting
Security specialist
Martin Knuijsting
Security specialist
Sales & Support
Ron Willigers
Senior Solutions Consultant
Sabine van Gorp
Sales Representative
Jenke van Gerven
Solutions Consultant
Marjorie Dupuy
Account Manager France
Dave Barneveld
Account Manager the Netherlands
Anko van Koll
Senior developer
Richard Loerakker
Bart Sunter

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