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Networking4all proud of title Symantec Website Security Specialist

This month, Networking4all has joined the group of companies that may call themselves Website Security Specialist of Symantec. Networking4all is proud of this qualification that is only given to businesses that meet the stringent requirements of the Certificate Authority (CA), that has launched this program recently.

The qualification shows that Networking4all is working hard on service quality and that, besides reasonable prices, knowledge is a great asset. Each Symantec Platinum Partner is eligible for the title Website Security Specialist. However, providers of Symantec products have to meet strict requirements. At this moment, Networking4all is globally one of only six SSL providers with this status. We can therefore talk about a sense of pride.

Companies that wish to wear the qualification Symantec Website Security Specialist should at least have five employees who have the right product knowledge. But Networking4all is not satisfied with the minimum number. This is shown by the fact that the entire Sales Department has accomplished both the sales and technical training. This certification fits well with the philosophy of Symantec, which focuses on regional quality partners.

Wednesday 6 March 2013
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