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Guidance and campaigns

Networking4all has special characters for her (information) campaigns to give the services a face. Watch our educational film and read the character descriptions below.


Reggy Reseller

Reggie Reseller is synonymous with the Networking4all reseller package and is presenter of his own TV program, The ResellerShow. He knows the products and services from his friends Simon, Donny and Harry and tries to sell them. Although Reggie does like show, he can be very discreet.

Donny Domain

Donny Domain serves as a synonym for domain registration and is a perfectionist. He has all the addresses in his head. Moreover, he can immediately tell you what the shortest route to your destination will be. It is therefore not surprising that Donny is a very neglected component of Simons friends network.

Harry Hosting

Harry Hosting is the friendly owner of Hotel Datacenter. He runs a big hotel with rooms in every price range, with or without special facilities. Because of his excellent services, there are a large number of companies that hire a permanent room. Harry likes to give his clients and visitors a tour through the different rooms, that's how he is basically.

Simon Certified

Simon Certified portrays an SSL certified data connection and is an unflinching package deliverer. Simon handles the transfer of sensitive, personal data. Because criminals are always on the lookout to obtain such information, Simon has developed a safe technique. By using an encrypted suitcase and a network of reliable partners, Simon knows how to circumvent the pitfalls of the criminals.

Did-it-dumb Dylan

Did-it-dumb Dylan is a synonym for an insecure data connection. He is not an unkind guy, he's just clumsy. Because Dylan leaves unprepared, he will be affected of the terrible consequences of a number of common criminal techniques. For his own happiness and well-being Dylan should take an example to Simon, but he obviously does not.

Jack Hack

Jack Hack symbolizes one of the many facets of Internet crime: identity fraud. Jack is a experienced criminal. He will go to train stations and airports and look for valuables. He will make victims very refined and won't let them go before they are stripped of their last valuables.

Phishing Phil

Thoughtful and without mercy Phil deprives his victims. Phil stands for Internet crime through 'phishing' and 'pharming'. He copies credentials from unprotected users to plunder accounts. In addition, he cheated unsuspecting users with stealing information by luring them to fake web sites that do like real ones, such as the web site of their bank or social media platform.

Sally Social

Sally Social is a symbol of unprotected information and data on internet, popular prey for criminals who will use the stolen information to attend they are a different person. Sally is a modern woman, with Facebook pages and virtual friends. Sally wants to share her everyday life with her Internet friends, including photographs and personal information. With her exuberant but naive candor, Sally is a victim of an identity fraudster.

Rudy Redhead

Rudy Redhead is a friend of Sally Social.

Bonny Blondlocks

Bonny Blondlocks is a friend of Sally Social.

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