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Since its founding in 2000, Networking4all had a clear vision of a transparent and highly focused enterprise within the ICT world, distinguishing itself in every aspect from the competition. Networking4all pursued this policy consistently and became very successful in domain name registration, hosting and SSL certificates.

Decided right at the beginning, the work environment had to be (and still is) a virtual office, enabling partners and staff to operate quickly and flexible from any location. For this visionary strategy to succeed, is was necessary to keep all online information up-to-date and available 24/7 for staff, partners and clients. This required a completely automated business processing system which turned out to be very beneficial for the company. Networking4all is a very powerful and open minded organisation, and has under any circumstances, solutions right at hand.

Hosting and domain name registration were offered from the start, while the automation of the business processes continued. Incoming orders were recognised by their bar code, thus increasing the speed of the order system. Another major step ahead was the use of  a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) server, a very flexible communication solution which fitted perfectly in the virtual office environment. With this fully integrated telephone system, the retrieval of client information was fast and easy. Again the company was way ahead of her time, only years later VOIP became an accepted standard within the industry.

The developments within Networking4all didn't go unnoticed. More and more clients discovered the company. The way clients are able to   manage and configure services themselves, is very much appreciated. Unlike other competitors Networking4all serves clients without time consuming written requests. All possible information about products, services and configurations is well organised and easy to find online. With this kind of self-service, through a comprehensive online support center, clients easily find their way to the products and services of Networking4all.

Demand for international domain names increased enormously in 2003. Networking4all already was in touch with foreign registration authorities like DNS.be for .be, AFNIC for .fr, DENIC for .de and Nominet for .co.uk, to supply international domain names. By that time online application services emerged and seemed to replace the old-fashion Windows software. Realising the impact of this development Networking4all prepared herself for these new online services. The focus immediately was on the aspect of security, estimating  the need for secure online connections and safe data transfer would likewise increase. Networking4all looked for partners who could provide the necessary SSL certificates for securing online connections.

Soon Networking4all could deliver the Geotrust certificates. In 2006 GeoTrust was bought by VeriSign, and as a former strategic Geotrust partner, Networking4all was now able to supply clients with certificates like thawte and  other Symantec brands. In 2008 Networking4all became the preferred partner of GlobalSign (upon their request), which since 2006 is owned by GMO Internet Inc. GlobalSign, with investors like ING and Vodafone, has a long track record in securing online privacy information, websites and transactions. Thanks to these partnerships Networking4all is able to offer a broad range of SSL certificates such as GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte, VeriSign (now called Symantec), GlobalSign, and AlphaSSL. By now Networking4all  is the most important supplier of SSL Certificates in the Benelux countries.

The SSL certificates offered by Networking4all are being used by over a 100,000 organisations worldwide, including large multinationals, governments, financial institutions and online shops. Due to the explosive growth of e-business, security will become more and more important. Networking4all is fully prepared for this challenge.

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