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Networking4all is a professional and service-oriented supplier of SSL certificates, security scans and other internet security products. We provide products and services to big and small clients from the retail sector, corporate service, ICT, industrial sector, health care, education and government. We are preferred partner for the most trusted SSL brands, like Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, Certum, and GlobalSign.

Since our foundation in 2000, we have been greatly appreciated by our clients for our personal service, expertise and fast issuance, and we strive to find the best solution for every client's particular online security needs. That's why our motto is 'together, we make the internet safe'.

Networking4all opens her doors

Networking4all is launched on October 1st, 2000, as an advisor and contractor for ICT projects at medium and large businesses. Our first year is a success and several consultants join our team.


Setting up the internet branch

The importance of the internet was already clear to us in 2001. We decide to start a separate internet branch to offer website builds and hosting services.


Launching the online All-in-one platform

As one of the first parties in the Netherlands, Networking4all offers their customers a portal for domain names and hosting, making it possible to process DNS changes 24/7. The platform also includes the introduction of web security as a product group. The online sale of SSL certificates became fact.


First international expansion

The three separate applications for our web-based ICT package, our CMS and the SSL and domain name management portal are combined into one CRM. Our CMS is sold across the border: we are asked to build systems for General Electric in five countries. We also add VOIP, as well as barcode recognition for automatic order processing.


The SSL platform expands

Thanks to a deal with a large multinational for our webbased ICT-package, 1,500 people now work with our web application 'in the cloud' every day. Other companies follow suit. More and more larger companies are now buying SSL, and Networking4all continues with the development of this branch.


Networking4all first registrar .EU

As one of the first companies in our work field, Networking4all upgrades her invoicing system to a digital service. After many accreditations for several domain name extensions in the previous years, we now join the RIPE, making Networking4all the first registrar to sell .eu domains. By cleverly anticipating a price drop after the first successful year, using a retail price that was below cost, we were able to bind many large customers to us and help them register their brand names in sunrises.


Focus on domain names and SSL

We make the decision to stop all subsidiaries and focus all our efforts on domain names and SSL certificates. Our customer base keeps growing, and starts to extend from the Netherlands to Belgium. We decide to create a separate channel for our SSL certificate branch on This year also brings the signing of a contract with the CA GeoTrust.


National SSL study

This is the year we perform our first national study. We took all online shops using the payment platform iDEAL and examined whether they had sufficiently secured their website and were up to legal standards. Our survey marked almost 90% of the webshops as unsafe, and was picked up by national media, news outlets and almost every Dutch news website. Our results encourage the Dutch online commerce hallmark organisation to include SSL as a requirement for their hallmark. Thanks to our overall performance, we are granted the management of the websites and


Preferred partner GlobalSign

This year is marked by more national surveys covering SSL security and the iDEAL payment platform. By request, Networking4all becomes the preferred partner for GlobalSign for the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We are also selected by the CA Thawte to run the website for the Dutch market.


Launch API and SSL website scan

Networking4all decides to create her own API. Our partners can integrate our API into their own system and purchase our products from their own portal. We also launch the website checker: this tool allows a user to check the security of a website, and gives tips and useful information to optimise the SSL configuration. In this year, Networking4all grows to be one of the largest SSL partners for the CA VeriSign in the world.


One of the first Dutch ICANN members

The domain name market expands even further. After joining the ICANN, we add over 30 registries to our system, allowing us to directly buy and manage all the domain names for our international customers.


Networking4all opens office in France

Networking4all opens her French office. We create a website under the name, designed to sell SSL to French companies.


Bestselling SSL supplier EV SSL

Verisign acclaims Networking4all as the bestselling company in the world for EV SSL certificates, with a global marketshare of 3%.


Networking4all turns 10

Networking4all celebrates its 10 year anniversary bestaat 10 jaar with a large presence at the World Hosting Days in Germany, followed by a tour through Europe for the WHD Local meetings.

This year is also marked by another 16 ICANN implementations, in part as a preparation for the introduction of new TLDs.


Launch Live SSL track and trace

We introduce the SSL track and trace. This system allows customers to follow along with every step of their order. We also set up a special vetting team, who will be responsible for checking and issuing all orders.


Launch subroot SSL

Thanks to closer cooperation with the CAs, we are now able to set up a subroot under the Geotrust root.


Start pre-validation SSL products

We receive permission to start pre-validating all orders for GlobalSign certificates. This allows us to significantly speed up the issuance process for GlobalSign certificates.


Expanding the SSL market

We develop several SSL tools for the reseller platform.


Partner European CA Certum

Networking4all partners up with the European CA Certum to comply with the growing demand for security products from European soil.

We perform a complete overhaul of our network infrastructure. Networking4all also dives deeper into the world of security, focusing its efforts on vulnerabilities, malware and phishing. We also start up our first subsidiary company who will focus on security scans.


Growing into the role of total supplier

We introduce our first vulnerability products during a presentation and on the floor of the Webwinkel Vakdagen, the largest trade fair for e-commerce in the Netherlands. We also introduce VPS into our product range.

Our second subsidiary company is founded.


Focus on security

The year begins with the foundation of the Solaris Internet Group, the new parent organisation for which Networking4all will be a subsidiary. 2016 marks the year that Networking4all will change its focus to online security products. All our hosting- and domain name activities will therefore be transferred to our partner Metaregistrar.

Our business in France continues to bloom: 2016 marks a growth of 80% in comparison with 2015. The importance of SSL begins to permeate the French business world and French banks, government agencies and large companies are drawn to Networking4all's range of security products.


Launching our new website

Networking4all goes through a makeover: we focus our efforts on online security products under the slogan "Networking4all, your trust provider".


Regional partner DigiCert

Networking4all becomes the authorized partner for the Dutch and French market for DigiCert Inc. We also launch the sale and management of SSL certificates through, and


Collaboration with Qualys

Networking4all has found a new associate in internet security company Qualys. The products from the Qualys Cloud Suite have been added to the expanding Networkign4all portfolio.


Document Signing

As of February 2018, Networking4all offers the product Document Signing. These intelligent signing certificates make the protection of your PDFs and documents a piece of cake.


Security services

Our security team expands and Networking4all introduces the latest addition to our portfolio: security services. Our customers can choose between a vulnerability scan, a penetration test, or extensive security analysis with a red teaming test.


The next step

Networking4all is ready to make the next entry in our timeline. We would love to include you in the next step as our partner. Would you like to know more about our mission and the possibility of a partnership?

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