Generating a CSR with SiteWorx Control Panel

Logon to SiteWorx and click SSL Certificates in the Control Panel menu

  1. You should now be looking at the SSL Certificates controls in the main content area
  2. Click the Setup CSR link
  3. Enter the 2 Letter Country Code in the 2 Letter Country Code text box
  4. Enter the State or Providence in the State or Providence text box
  5. Enter the City in the City text box
  6. Enter the Company in the Company text box
  7. Enter the Company Division in the Company Division text box
  8. Choose a the Common Name from the select box. Subdomains, Pointer Domains, a wildcard option is available
  9. Enter the E-mail in the E-mail text box
  10. Click the Generate button
  11. You will see the following message at the top of the screen: » CSR created

Copy the entire content of the CSR in the enrollment form at Networking4all.