Redirecting a domain name

If you only have a registered domain name and you do not use any other of our hosting services there are several ways to redirect your domain name to another web site, namely:

  • DNS adaptation Inline redirect
  • Forwarding redirect
  • Redirecting a domain name with a DNS adaptation (free)

If your web site has an own IP address the best way is to adapt the DNS of your domain name configuration. However, due to the lack of IP addresses most web sites will run on an IP number which is shared with many other web sites. You can check if your site has got an own IP number by entering this number as a URL in your browser. If you do not see the same page as when you enter the domain name your web site runs on a shared IP number. You can create a redirect with DNS by means of an A or a CNAME record. More information about adapting your DNS data can be found when you click on “Helpdesk” and then on “DNS”. 

With a DNS redirect it is only possible to redirect to another server. If you want to redirect your domain name directly to a file or a directory on another server, you will have to use an Inline or a Forwarding redirect.

Inline redirect (€ 10,- a year)

With an inline redirect it is possible to link your domain name directly to a file or directory on another server; this will not be visible to the visitors of your web site. You can have your domain name linked (redirected) to another URL or IP address.

After logging in on the site you go to “My domain names” and you select the domain name that you wish to redirect. You can do this by clicking the redirect icon on the right side of the page (see picture).  

If you want your visitors to be redirected when they enter the URL you should enter the name www als a hostname. If you wish to redirect the domain name http://your (without the www) you will not have to fill in this field. 

In the field “Redirect URL” you can enter the URL to which the domain is to be redirected (see picture). This domain can be: 

  • either another .nl domain name,
  • either a home directory of e.g. an ADSL provider,
  • or an IP address. 


 When enabling a redirect your DNS data will be updated. It may take between 24 and 48 hours (depending on your provider) before the redirect will be enabled from all providers. 

You can always change your redirect; we will not charge you any costs for this. However, in case of deleting and recreating a redirect we will send you a new invoice. 

Forwarding redirect (free)

When redirecting a domain name by means of a forwarding redirect a user will automatically be linked to another URL. This URL is visible to your visitor, which is the main difference between a forwarding redirect and an inline redirect.

Creating a forward redirect requires the same procedure as for an inline redirect.