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Code Signing for individuals and organizations

Software vendors and developers can digitally sign and timestamp the software they distribute over the Internet. This is called 'code signing'.

The Code Signing process is the virtual equivalent to shrink-wrapping CD based software for distribution; it ensures the end user knows the digitally signed software is legitimate and comes from a known software publisher.

Code Signing Certificates are digital data files that provide developers with the ability to digitally sign, or bind their authenticated publisher identity, to the software they distribute. All Certificate include a full timestamping service to ensure the digital signature does not expire, and support all major development platforms.

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Why Code Signing?

Users of your software are not recommended to run unsigned codes/achievable files. When people run or download unsigned applications they will possibly get security alerts. Think of warnings as "Unknown publisher". However, a Code Signing certificate prevents that, after the publication, a code can be tampered (such as spyware or malware). The end user is assured that the software actually comes from the software vendor as indicated.

The Code Signing Organizations certificate is intended for organizations, institutions and companies. The Code Signing certificate for Individuals is for individuals.