Networking4all API

Gain full control over your reseller business. Use your own website and interact with our systems through the API for free, while maintaining your branding and unique look and feel. The API will allow you and your customers to order a product without leaving your website, nor hearing about our company.

Networking4all API
Version 1.0.30
27 March 2013

API Clients are able to perform requests like: create new relations, request information about relations, create new contacts, order SSL Certificates for relations or replace SSL Certificates. Click here for a complete list of the features and capabilities of our API.

The principle of the API
The entire API is based on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Communication with the API is made via queries sent from your website and responses returned by the API. The response contains the requested information, for example a relation handle. In case the API response contains an error code, the request has not been processed.

More information about the API

Important: Do you have access to our API?
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