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Email packages

You are not yet ready for a website or you just want to use our e-mail services. With our e-mail packages this is no problem. All the e-mail packages offered by Networking4all does not have any limitations on the POP accounts or e-mail aliases. Incase of shortage on diskspace or bandwith you can choose to upgrade the current package.

One or more e-mail POP accounts are included in our hosting packages. With all of our services you will receive the unparalleled service where Networking4all is famous for. You will also benefit from our high speed servers which are connected via 10 gigabit Internet connections in one of the most modern data centers in the Netherlands.


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  E-mail Small E-mail Medium E-mail Large
POP accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Diskspace 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Bandwdith per month 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
POP/IMAP/SMTP ok ok ok
Webmail ok ok ok
Daily backup ok ok ok
Antivirus & Antispam ok ok ok
Price per month 2,50 5,00 9,50
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