MySQL is a popular, open source database system, used to store data. This can be text files, but also images or other files.  

Formerly, MySQL was mainly used for applications as a forum or a guestbook, usually in combination with PHP, but nowadays it is the basis of a wide range of Internet applications. The strengths of MySQL are:


  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Usability
  • Extensive documentation
  • Lots of information and scripts available on the Internet

MySQL is delivered with every hosting package.

By default, the MySQL database are accessible by local scripts on the hosting package.



phpMyAdmin will be delivered with every Basic and Business hosting package. phpMyAdmin is, as its name implies, a PHP program where you can manage all MySQL databases via a web-interface in the browser. Thus, you can quickly and easily:


  • Access, modify, delete and add databases
  • View, change, delete or add tables
  • Access, modify, delete and add records
  • Realize SQL queries
  • Make PDF documents from your database
  • Export to CSV, Excel, XML, LaTeX
  • Search records
  • etc.