MySQL is a popular, open source database system, used to store data. This can be text files, but also images or other files.  

Formerly, MySQL was mainly used for applications as a forum or a guestbook, usually in combination with PHP, but nowadays it is the basis of a wide range of Internet applications. The strengths of MySQL are:


  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Usability
  • Extensive documentation
  • Lots of information and scripts available on the Internet

MySQL is delivered with every Basic and/or Pro package.

By default, the MySQL database are accessible by local scripts on the hosting package.



phpMyAdmin will be delivered with every Basic and/or Pro hosting package. phpMyAdmin is, as its name implies, a PHP program where you can manage all MySQL databases via a web-interface in the browser. Thus, you can quickly and easily:


  • Access, modify, delete and add databases
  • View, change, delete or add tables
  • Access, modify, delete and add records
  • Realize SQL queries
  • Make PDF documents from your database
  • Export to CSV, Excel, XML, LaTeX
  • Search records
  • etc.