Hosting packages

With a hosting package of Networking4all you rent storage space and bandwidth for your website, so it is visible on the Internet. Networking4all guarantees high quality, professional support and a modern data center. You can choose from the following hosting packages.

Email / Lite

Not yet a website but you do want email? With our email packages, this is no problem. If you want a small website a Lite package is fine for you, starting at 1 euro per month.


Our very affordable basic packages for private and SMEs are suitable for a dynamic website. Standard from 100MB disk space and 10GB bandwidth per month, including PHP / MYSQL / CGI / PERL.


We provide extra security for small and large business or other professional users. Pro packages are hosted on our Class A servers. Standard from 200MB disk space and 40GB bandwidth per month.


You can compare the packages through our cross reference table.


Perhaps the most important of all is good support. You are always helped professional and quick. We have a unique custom built Control Panel which will easily manage the settings on your Web site or e-mail traffic. The Control Panel gives our customers a clear and comprehensive overview of the services and / or products with the corresponding information. You also have the option to request a list of your paid or unpaid invoices.