Data Centers

Networking4all B.V. is housed in modern data center in Amsterdam.

The data center in Amsterdam-Slotervaart is the largest carrier-neutral data center in the Netherlands, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified.


server_network.pngAll our data centers are connected to several transit providers, so only the fastest route is chosen. We also will have minimal inconveniences to our network with a fault in a transit provider. If a connection fails, then the other connection will take it over. Failure will be minimized. Networking4all utilizes 10Gbit connections.



All our servers and switches are connected to a 24-hour monitoring system. Should a problem arise then the administrator on duty will immediately be informed and will take action, so that problems are fixed as soon as possible.



Networking4all does active trending of all its servers and switches. It provides insight into the performance of the network and can predict in advance. Through trending servers will send notification messages, such as when a hard drive gets full or when more memory should be placed. Even peak loads can be predicted in advance, giving us time to take measures.



The reliability of a data center depends on a separate export and sustainable power. Our data centers are designed to minimize the risk of power cut and individual needs can be met. Even during long power cuts, we keep your IT systems up and running. Standard features include:

  • Primary HV supply
  • LV switchboards for power in space
  • Power supply of 800 watt/m2 for an average data space
  • Substations on location
  • Emergency generators that can supply electricity at full capacity at least 24 hours
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Sufficient fuel on location for a long operation, with contracts for priority replenishment
  • Programs for regular and preventive maintenance
  • Specialized technicians and continuous present monitoring

For optimal protection we work closely with your IT team to appoint your specific power needs. Other key features include:  

  • Power lines and foreclosure for customers in co-location or Shared Suite rooms, where necessary, the design of the customer
  • Provision for dealing with power surges
  • Registration of power
  • Critical Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for power