Domain names

FAQs about domain names

Am I the owner of the domain name?

Normally we speak of the holder of a domain name in stead of the owner. When you register a domain name with us, you become the holder of the domain name as long as you pay the registration costs. As the holder of the domain name you are in full control and you can decide to move your domain to any registrar or hosting provider.

Can I register a domain name as a private person?

Yes you can, but some TLDs have restrictions. Registration of the following TLDs is open for all individuals and companies worldwide: .nl, .nu, .be, .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz.

Do I have to renew my domain name every year?

All domain names are always automatically renewed each year. This replies to all domain name extentions (TLDs) which you registered with us. To cancel renewals, please send a notification 2 months before the expiry date.

How long will it take to activate my new domain name?

The registration process of your new domain name varies from a few minutes to about a week, depending on your domain name extension. Most popular domains have a fully automated registration process so they will take only a few minutes. For certain domains like or .pt, the registration process require a longer period.

Is it possible to move my domain to Networking4all?

If you are the holder of a domain name you can always move your domains to another registrar. We move and transfer many domains on a daily basis for clients who want to profit from our extensive DNS services and afordable prices.
To move your domain name, just enter the name in the search box, like you would do to search for a new domain. On the status page select move and after completion you will get the necessary documents by e-mail. Don't forget to inform your old registrar and check out our Domain move page for a review of the procedures for most domain extensions.

What if somebody else has registered my company name?

In case your domain name is registered by someone else your fist step should be to contact the holder of the domain name. If you can't come to an agreement you might want to take your dispute to court. More information is available on the following websites:  (.nl domains)   (.be domains)   (.eu dommains)   (other domains)

What does local contact mean?

TLDs which require a local contact, require the applicant for a domain that they have a permanent residence in the country. This applies to legal entities and businesses that wish to use the domain.

Individuals and businesses from abroad are not eligible for a domain when local contacts shows 'Yes'.

What is a Redemption period?

Redemption period is the time that the domain name is not re-used after your domain name is deleted. The domain will be placed on 'registry hold' and will be removed from the root zone. The domain name therefore will not function. This is to give the opportunity to redeem the domain name within the prescribed time. This also prevents your customers to be mislead by attackers.

When the domain name is deleted incorrectly or accidentally, the owner can recover his mistake for the specified redemption price. The owner must prove that he actually owns the domain.

What is IDN?

An Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is an Internet domain name that contain one or more different characters, the 'non-ASCII characters. These domains can therefore be applied with diacritical characters.

Diacritical characters are signs that over, under or through a letter is required to put the correct pronunciation. For example the German umlaut, the Swedish å or the Dutch and French diaresis. But also non-Latin characters, as used in Arabic, Chinese or Cyrillic are now possible. However, the German ß is not applicable. This character is written as double s.