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1. After having followed the request procedure via our web site, having either signed this request form and sent it to Networking4all or submitted it digitally via our web site we will process your request for the required products and for the required duration of time (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, referred to as the “Request”).

2. If you choose to submit your Request digitally together with an electronic payment, Networking4all will process your request as soon as we have either received your payment or – as far as this option is available for the required product – you have agreed to one of the other payment methods and/or conditions listed on the web site.

3. Prior to completing the Request form you declare that you have read, understand and accept without reservation the description of the product and the conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Special Conditions) as referred to in the Request form.

4. Acceptance of your request is subject to availability of the products as specified in your request, for the required duration of time. Until Networking4all has not yet completely carried out the provisions of this agreement, Networking4all will be entitled to terminate the agreement without being liable to pay any compensation. Should this be the case, fees already paid will be refunded to you immediately, unless termination results from acts or omissions on your part.

5. After acceptance of your Request by Networking4all B.V. you enter into an agreement between you and Networking4all B.V., in terms of which Networking4all B.V. – except in the matter of rejection as mentioned in sub 7 and 8 - will provide you with the certificates as specified in the Request, for the specified duration of time and on payment of the fees agreed upon, in conformity with the Special Conditions as referred to in the Request, as well as the general conditions and the conditions set by the CA with respect to the use of the certificates as referred to in sub 5.

6. Networking4all is entitled to sell certificates managed by the Certificate Authority (hereinafter referred to as “CA”). These CAs have set certain conditions for the use of these certificates and are entitled to make interim changes to these conditions, on which Networking4all has no influence. Consequently, both the conditions set by Networking4all and the conditions set by the CA apply with respect to the use of the certificates. For the conditions set by the CA please refer to the web site of the CA in question.

7. Both the Special conditions mentioned in the Request and the general conditions of Networking4all BV apply to the agreement between you and Networking4all BV. The CA may exercise third party protection under this agreement and the general conditions.

8. In the context of this agreement you are to provide us with certain information which will be used for the validation of the certificates. You should provide us with this information during the request procedure. 

9. We will use this information to process your request and make it available to the CA in question. By submitting your Request you simultaneously grant us the authority to provide the CA with the required (personal) data.

10. After acceptance and the completion of your Request we will check the data you submitted as much as possible but we accept no further liability whatsoever. As a result, incorrect or incomplete data may not be accepted for processing your Request or may cause delay or rejection by the CA.

11. The act of providing incorrect information and the resulting delay or rejection by the CA with regard to the issue of certificates do not constitute any ground to terminate the agreement on your part.

12. We are entitled to require additional information or supporting evidence to be provided at all times. We are in no way liable for any possible delay, costs or loss resulting from this request.

13. If the CA refuses to issue the certificates that you ordered and this refusal results from acts or omissions on your part, Networking4all is entitled to (partially) terminate the agreement for those certificates that cannot be issued. If this is the case, you will owe Networking4all 10 % of the price agreed upon with regard to the certificates that have not been issued in order to cover the costs. After deducting these costs, Networking4all will refund or separately charge the remaining balance as the case may be.

14. The certificates under this agreement are non-transferable.

15. Fees and prices for the certificates can be found at our web site www.networking4all.com.  The current prices and rates of these services can be adjusted with the price index of the preceding calendar year as published by CBS/Statistics Netherlands (Consumer Price Index "All households"), plus up to 15% at all times. This adjustment does not constitute any ground to terminate the agreement, as mentioned in article 3 of the General Conditions.

16. At all times you will be responsible for the installation and proper use of the certificates issued to you as well as the proper functioning of the equipment on which the certificates have been installed. You can find an installation manual for the most common configurations at our web site.

17. If, on your part, any changes are implemented in your organization that may be relevant to your identity or the certificate management you are to report this to us immediately. Incorrect, incomplete or overdue notifications may result in termination or suspension of the agreement, yet they do not discharge you from your payment obligation.

18. By signing this agreement you agree that you are authorized to represent the Client.


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