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Websites Dutch Government not safe

The official websites of the Dutch Government are far from safe. While the Dutch minister of Justice, Hirsch Ballin, just started a campaign against cybercrime to alert the Dutch citizens, research has indicated that 80% (570 out of 684) of the government websites are unsafe.

The government websites offer opportunities to criminals to intercept personal data from Dutch citizens. This could lead in the worst case scenario to identity theft by criminals and the effects could even be worse compared to credit card fraud.

Networking4all, market leader in internet security in the Benelux countries, conducts research on internet safety and security on a regular basis. Recently Networking4all investigated the safety of all governmental websites in the Netherlands. The outcome is dramatic.

According to Paul van Brouwershaven, technical director of Networking4all, the Dutch government is aware of this dramatic outcome. “It is rather painful that the government just launched an expensive campaign to educate its citizens on safe internet behavior, while the same government administers websites that are not safe,” says van Brouwershaven. 

“For organizations who made their websites safe for consumers, this campaign, to put it mildly, is highly implausible,” van Brouwershaven continues. Even more surprising is the fact that the government obviously doesn’t see internet safety as a priority for their own websites. They have a legal obligation to their citizens and the means to guarantee the safety of their websites. However they just ignore this. For years already!

A tip for internet users: there is a free website www.isdezesiteveilig.nl (also available in English language) where you can check yourself if a website is safe and secure.

Additional information:
Below is a list of some well known Dutch government websites that, in contrast to what you would expect, are not safe and therefore vulnerable for hackers and cybercrime.



Monday 3 August 2009
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