About us

Payment options

Networking4all offers various means of payment for our services and products, online and offline. The standard payment period is 14 days.

Online banking programsiDeal

Use iDEAL for safe and easy online payment. IDEAL connects to the following online internet banking programs: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Fortis, Friesland Bank, ING/Postbank, Rabobank, SNS Bank, SNS Regio Bank or Triodos Bank.  

KBC-CBCBelgian customers can use KBC / CBC online banking. The benefits of KBC / CBC online banking are time saving, user friendly and secure. Payments will be performed real time. You log in with your KBC or CBC bank card.

Online payment methods

PayPalPayPal is a secure online payment method. You have to create a PayPal account first. Your PayPal account is connected with your bank account and/or with your credit card. 


Payment by credit card is handled by our secure server, all data is encrypted. Choose your card type (we accept VISA, MasterCard and JCB), enter your details and submit your data. After validation your credit card will be charged. 

Bank transfer

OfferteAfter receiving our invoice you transfer the total amount to our bank account, either in the Netherlands, Belgium or France.


DepositIntended for our resellers. Resellers transfer a certain amount into a deposit. Whenever they order products the amount is withdrawn from their deposit. Each invoice lists the deposit status. You can also ask a detailed list in the Control Panel after logging into your account.  

On account

RekeningAfter validation of a proceding order, next orders can be processed on account upon request. You will get an invoice for the products ordered on a regular basis, like once a week or once a month.

Automatic withdrawal

Incasso Automatic withdrawel is an easy means of payment. You will get an invoice for the products ordered and a few days later the total amount is withdrawn from the bank account  you specified. You will never forget a payment.


In case your company is located elsewhere in the European Union than the Netherlands, and we are able to validate your VAT number, we will not charge VAT on our products and services.   

Our bank information

For The Netherlands:
Rabobank: 1943.69.579
IBAN: NL78 RABO0194369579

For Belgium:
KBC: 743-0237903-73
IBAN: BE27743023790373

For France:
CIC: 00020053701
IBAN: FR7630027175330002005370159

Company information:
Registered name: Networking4all B.V.
VAT number: NL8112.78.888.B01
Chamber of Commerce (K.v.K.) Amsterdam nr. : 20099481